Bathroom Wall Ideas: Tile, Beadboard & Beyond

Hottest Bathroom Wall Ideas in 2020

Unlike other walls in your house, your bathroom wall needs more care and maintenance. 

Your living room, bedroom, hallway, and other such areas are completely dry, which means any type of wall covering will work. Even in the kitchen, you can use a backsplash to keep your walls safe.

However, in bathrooms, water comes from all directions. Moisture, both from direct tub and shower overspray, as well as moisture-laden air, can severely damage your bathroom wall material. That’s why designing and protecting your bathroom wall coverings can be tricky.

In this guide, you’ll find the hottest bathroom wall ideas this year –from what to put on bathroom walls to the best material for bathroom walls.

Reasons to Update Bathroom Walls

Not sure when’s the right time to update your bathroom wall? Here’s why you should consider investing in bathroom wall treatments:

  • Your bathroom walls look outdated and do not go well with your new and stylish fixtures.
  • The wall tiles are cracked or broken, or have lost their luster.
  • The grout has dried up and has fallen off.
  • You want a new bathroom wall covering instead of tiles.
  • The bathroom walls are infected with molds and mildew, which have caused discoloration.

Types of Bathroom Wall Materials & Cost Considerations

Traditionally, tiles are the most popular option when it comes to choosing the best bathroom wall materials. Tiles can come in a number of different materials including marble, slate, ceramic, porcelain, and more. Many people prefer tile over other options because it looks more elegant and expensive. Plus, a fully-tiled wall helps ensure your bathroom is waterproof while also making a statement.

However, tiles can be super-expensive. Just to surround your shower with properly-fitted tiles will cost your around $2,000 on average, and that’s just one portion of the bathroom.

Acrylic panels are an excellent alternative to tiles. They look like tiles but are quick and easy to install. Their maintenance is also easy, and they are about one-third the cost of tile.

It can take anywhere from 7 days to 3 months to completely remodel your bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Ideas

Here’s a list of awesome bathroom wall covering ideas to help you build the bathroom of your dreams:

Vinyl Wall Covering

Vinyl wall covering for bathrooms is one of the best options in terms of functionality. Just make sure that your present wall surface can accept peelable vinyl wallpaper, as it is less sticky than permanent wallpaper. Also, it works best for indirect, ambient moisture. So, use it in conjunction with a surface that covers the lower section of the walls.

Regular Interior Paint

Regular interior paint is an inexpensive option. However, avoid getting a flat or matte surface paint as the paint’s pores trap water. Consider using semi-gloss or even a high gloss sheen as water beads up on these surfaces. It’s recommended to go for premium paints with mold-killing additives to get those desirable flatter sheens in the bathroom.

Ceramic Tile

When using ceramic tiles, moisture will never be a problem. However, focus on the design as all tiles have grout, which means lines. These lines create patterns that can either improve or undermine the bathroom’s appearance. So, avoid using too many tiles as they can make the space look busy, lumbering, and even depressing.


Beadboard covers the lower half of your wall, which is the most important part when it comes to moisture problems. You can even paint it with semi-gloss or glossy paint for extra protection. Panels of beadboard are easier to install while individual planks give a more refined and generally accurate look.


These are the most common waterproof bathroom walls. Acrylic is mostly used to go around your tub or shower. You’ll find these in a wide range of prices, shapes, and styles, but they are usually white or off-white. You can easily install these walls yourself. Plus, they are super affordable.


Want to achieve a high-end look? Install stone walls in your bathrooms. Stone walls add a natural, yet exotic, look and feel to your bathroom, giving off a relaxing vibe. They are waterproof and look really cool. However, real stone can be very expensive and difficult to install yourself, depending on the style of stone. Luckily, if you prefer stone walls, you can purchase natural stone tiles, which still look very sleek and modern.


Glass is definitely waterproof, but not always practical. Yet, it is very futuristic looking, which is kind of cool. People often install glass shower walls, but you can have glass walls for your bathtub or even your entire bathroom if you like. Although glass bathroom walls certainly eliminate privacy, they do make a space feel open, which can be fantastic if you live out in nature and want to enjoy the view.

Want to upgrade your bathroom wall with unique tile patterns? All of our acrylic tiles have the look of real Italian ceramic tile and are available in several different patterns, including cobblestone, roman block, and flagstone among others – perfect for replacing showers or a full bathroom model

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