What to Ask When Shopping for a New Roof

New RoofMaking additions to your home or starting new projects always entails plenty of thorough research.  When you’re working on making your home a better, more efficient place to live there are always plenty of questions for you to consider when talking with contractors and builders. Despite its simplicity, roofing is no different, and there are lots of factors to consider.
If you’re considering remodeling or resurfacing your roof, when talking with contractors about different products available and their characteristics, it’s a good idea to ask about some of the following details regarding making your roof more energy efficient:

  • Emissivity: This terms defines how much energy or heat is released at a time once it is absorbed. Materials with a higher emissivity can hold in more heat for longer periods.
  • Reflectivity: This trait determines how reflective the material is. The more the material reflects heat and light, the cooler it will be.
  • Insulation: Some types of roofing come with extra insulation and special care may be involved if this is the case.
  • Tax Benefits: Energy efficient materials can save you money if they qualify for tax credits.

Bordner will talk with you about all of these factors when you decide it’s time to improve the efficiency of your home’s roof.  Don’t hesitate to call today and schedule a consultation.
Photo Courtesy: Metalshingleroof.com

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