Advantages of Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are one of the most durable and energy efficient windows on the market. If you are thinking about replacing the windows in your Kansas City home, there are several reason why fiberglass windows are the best available option.
Energy Efficiency. Fiberglass window frames are hollow, which allows them to be filled with energy-efficient foam insulation. Pair that with LoE-³-366 glass – which blocks up to 92% of UV rays – and your home will benefit from low solar heat gain in the summer and protection from the cold in the winter. Plus, you can enjoy owning windows which meet nationwide Energy Star guidelines.
Durability. Did you know fiberglass window frames are eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than vinyl/sawdust composites? Say goodbye to cracking, warping, and leaking. Glass and Ultrex® expand and contract at the same rate which keeps your window tightly sealed regardless of the weather.
Cost Efficient. Due to their strength and long-lasting lifetime, your annual window maintenance is minimal. Combine their minimal maintenance needs and the money you’ll save on utility bills and fiberglass window frames are a cost efficient choice. Our windows come with a 20-year window warranty and Limited Lifetime parts warranty.
If you are interested in learning more about why fiberglass windows are the best choice for your home, contact Bordner. We’ll be happy to make an appointment to visit your home and discuss your window needs.

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