7 Types of Roof Damage to Be Aware Of

While roof damage can happen to anyone and always varies by type of roof, the leading reason roof damage occurs results from a lack of regular maintenance. Ehow.com has put together a helpful list of types of roof damage to watch out for  as well as ways that you can prevent them from happening. ContactBordner today for more detailed roofing information.
In the meantime, take a look some highlights below from Ehow:

Cracking occurs with tiling, wood or asphalt shingles for different reasons. Wood shingles naturally crack with age. When shingle splitting allows prolonged exposure to the protective underlying layer of felt material it also dries and cracks, creating a potential leak in the attic or crawl space.
Heat Damage
Aging and prolonged exposure causes shingle cracking. These two factors also create a breakdown of the protective roofing water sealant. Severe shingle cracking indicates the end of the shingle’s usefulness and requires replacement. Routinely replacing your roof’s water sealant keeps the roof watertight.
Gross Granule Loss
Granules add weight and fire resistance, protect the felt matting and add color to asphalt shingles. With time, gradual granule loss occurs but excessive loss of granules exposes the felt matting to the elements, shortening the life of the shingle.
Click here to read there full article on roof damage.

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