5 Types of Front Door Designs for Your Home

Front doors can do a lot for the aesthetics of a home, not to mention its value. Experimenting with color, designs and accessories are a great way to show your personality to everyone who walks or drives by. Here are some stylish doors we found on HGTV.
Wood doors give off a sense of dominance, especially large ones. Here, this entrance is accented by tall, bold red planters on either side of the massive door.

                                           Wood door

Photo Credit: HGTV.com

With custom wood, glass and a touch of chrome hardware, this door emits a feng shui aura.

                                Feng shui door

Photo Credit: HGTV.com

Nothing catches guests off guard (in a good way) like a surprise at the front door. Embellishments like coils and twists offer fun yet elegant flair to this entryway.

                                Embellished front door

Photo Credit: HGTV.com

Contrasting colors is a trick that works in probably every area of home design. This black door with white trim and the gold knocker are an example of how opposite colors can work for a front door.

                                           Black and white door

Photo Credit: HGTV.com

Sticking with one bold, eye-catching color also works well for a front door, especially when it contrasts other colors prominently featured from the front of the house.

                                 Yellow door

Photo Credit: HGTV.comPhoto Credit: HGTV.com

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