5 Places to Detect and Prevent Drafts in the Home

Bordner knows that air leaks and drafts can be a pain. Those pesky little fissures that let precious heat escape in the frigid months of winter and pour in during the sweltering heat of summer are pretty difficult to find sometimes. The reason for this is because they’re hidden behind walls or in the nooks of other hard-to-reach spots. But with the right knowledge and the technology of diagnostic energy audits, you can usually narrow down where they’re located. According to some recent information from This Old House, $400 will get you this type of audit, along with a written report detailing a home’s problem areasand a layout of some cost-effective solutions.

In the meantime, consider taking a closer look at the areas where potential air leaks may be coming from:
1.Exterior Walls: Just because your home has insulation, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s insulated. Insulation can always settle, become damp or wet, or tear away from its resting spot all together. Always check inside walls to make sure that patches of insulation aren’t missing or damaged.
2. Attics: This is a prime spot for heat loss since it’s considered a hard-to-reach area where, at times, insufficient insulation is included.

3. Windows: A common misconception is that window drafts are the result of too-thin glass. This is certainly not the case. Typically, air moves through headers and below sills where insulation is lacking.
A type of inexpensive foam material can usually be laid around windows to help solve this problem. 

4. Wiring: Areas that have wiring and piping for plumbing — think around light fixtures and radiator pipes — often tend to be riddled with cracks that let air in and out. These are important areas to inspect, then caulk and seal. 

5. Knee Walls and Eaves: Just like in the attic, areas where framing fixtures come together are considered hart-to-reach spots where not enough insulation is placed. A combination of expanding foam, rigid boards, and blown-in cellulose can assure that an air barrier and insulation work as one.
To locate an Energy Audit Professional in your area, contact Residential Energy Services Network(RESNET) at natresnet.org.

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