5 Home Upgrades to Avoid

upgrades are a good idea, especially if you ever plan on selling your home. Check out these not so great upgrade ideas from Real Simple.
1. Home office – While converting a bedroom into an office might come in handy if you perform a lot of work at home, it will hurt come resale time. Your home will be listed has having one less bedroom. And while it can surely be transformed back into a bedroom once the new owners take over, it can be a hard sale when the office looks like, well, an office.
2. Sports or athletic areas – Unless you’re a professional basketball or tennis player, avoid adding these areas to your home. They take up too much yard space and you probably won’t use it as much as you think you will.
3. Green marble countertops – Loud colors can be a turnoff to some homebuyers. Stick to colors that are neutral instead of flashy and stylish.
4. Wall-to-wall carpeting – It’s difficult to keep carpeting clean, especially if you have kids or pets. To avoid the hassle of expensive carpet cleaning during the process of home selling, stick with bare floors throughout the majority of your home particularly the first/main floor.
5. Concrete patio – Patios are pretty at first, but after a while they begin to crack, which is difficult to fix.
If you’re looking for ways to improve your home and add value, think practical. Roofing, siding, windows and doors are much more critical to the durability of your home than the projects listed above. Call Bordner at 816-303-0510 today!

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