4 Front Door Styles for to Consider

A unique door to your home provides many useful benefits including increased home value and curb appeal. But there’s more door options out there than you may think. Here are four of the most common types of doors.

Slab – The most common and the most popular door type. Its design can be flat, detailed, and/or customized with glass accents.
Dutch – A door that is divided into to two halves making a top and bottom (pictured). Dutch doors are ideal for pet owners and parents of small children. If weather stripping isn’t properly installed, these doors will leak air.
Gliding – A sliding door with anywhere from two to four panels that slide past each other. These are energy-efficient doors that create a tight seal and require no clearance. Only one door can stay open at a time.
French – Two swinging door panels that meet and lock in the middle. Doors may swing inward and/or outward. French doors are great for letting natural light and air in, but you’ll need to make sure there’s sufficient clearance on either side of the door.
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