3 Things Every Homeowner Should Know about Air Leakage

When considering which home improvement projects to undertake at your Kansas City home, energy efficiency should be foremost in  your mind. Creating an energy efficient house isn’t just environmentally friendly; it can also save you a lot of money in the long run!
While you’re more likely to notice a water leak in your home due to the immediate effects, it’s still important to update your doors, windows, garage doors, roof, and siding to ensure that your home is not leaking energy. Check out these 3 things every homeowner should know about air leakage, and don’t hesitate to call us at Bordner for help making your home as energy efficient as possible!

  • One in, one out– For every cubic foot of air that leaks out of  your home, one cubic foot of air is leaking in. That means that you are not only losing cooled or heated air; you’re also pulling in unconditioned air from outside.
  • Air pressure– Air flows from high pressure to low pressure.
  • No way out– Air will move to a low pressure area from a high pressure area, but only if it has a pathway- which means it’s imperative that there are no pathways available.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can go green and save money by adding energy efficient new windows, doors, roofing, insulation, or siding to your home, give us a call today.
Source: Energy Vanguard

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