3 Steps to New Door Hardware

It might seem somewhat petty trivial, but the front door to your home says a lot about you, especially to first time visitors. We all know that first impressions are lasting impressions, so why not think big when it comes to your home’s threshold? It doesn’t take much. Consider replacing your door’s hardware with a more polished look. Just make sure you pick out the right hardware for your door. Then follow these instructions from This Old House

  1. Remove the old entry set – Take out all screws, the dead bolt and latch bolt, faceplates, etc. Replace the existing strike and latch plates inside the door jamb with those in your new set.
  2. Install the interior hardware – Fit the new handle over the door’s existing holes. It should be easy for the handle’s lock cylinder and thumb latch to slide right in.
  3. Secure the interior hardware – The cylinder post should be slightly projecting. Fit the lock over it. Fasten everything with mounting screws and fit the knob in its place with screws. If decorative cover is provided with your new set, use it to cover the mounting screw. Frill holes to fasten the new knocker and kick plate, if necessary.

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