10 Types of Roofs You Should Know About

The roof of a home is one of the most important parts of its structure for many reasons: it protects the home from the strong elements of Mother Nature, It helps stabilize the home’s foundation and, let’s face it, a house just isn’t a house without one! Since Bordner has been serving the Kansas City area’s roofing needs for decades, we’ve come across our fare share of interesting roof shapes and sizes. So we’ve decided to have a little bit of fun and give our readers a closer look at the many different types of roofs that are out there. Yes, you heard correctly, there are a number of different types of roofs available to choose from and we are experienced with practically every one of them!

  1. False Gable
  2. Gambrel
  3. Hip
  4. Octagon
  5. Curved Gable
  6. Shed
  7. L-Shape
  8. Mansard
  9. Gable
  10. Curved

For help with roof repairs for your home — no matter the type of roof you have! — contact Bordner today!

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